Photo by: Gordon Dickins

Wild Wrekin

The Wrekin Forest contains the largest block of woodland in east Shropshire but is home to far more than just tree cover alone. Stretching from the southern outskirts of historic Wellington to the River Severn at Buildwas, the area comprises many different habitat features and includes wooded stream valleys, lowland heath and rare floodplain grazing marsh.

Unsurprisingly, this mosaic landscape supports an equally varied range of wildlife. The ‘Wild Wrekin’ interactive map is designed as a broad introduction to some of the most characteristic plants, animals and insects to be found here, along with some of the best local sites and habitat features in which to look for them.

Just click on the navigation buttons below to begin your virtual journey into the Wrekin Forest, or scroll down beneath the map to find the content arranged by the species, habitat and wildlife sites featured. 

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