Photo by: Allan Frost

All Around The Wrekin

The Wrekin is one of Shropshire’s most familiar natural landmarks and a popular destination for thousands of visitors from across the Midlands and beyond every year. This iconic hill is the pinnacle of an equally remarkable but much less widely known ancient forest landscape, where an array of plants, animals and insects has found a home amid a green network of varied wildlife sites. So come with us now and let’s Explore The Wrekin…

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Wild Wrekin



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It’s Not All Ancient!

Our Explore The Wrekin website is largely dedicated to the natural heritage of the famous Midlands landmark and the extraordinary forest landscape that surrounds it. However, for many of the 100, 000...

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On the Lonesome Trail of the Wrekin Dove

For a creature to be so deeply rooted in a landscape they come to share an identity, you’d think that connection might be strong enough to have some degree of permanence about it? Not for the...

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